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Medic First Aid, American Safety & Health Institute Programs
First Aid, CPR/AED

This 2-day classroom based, Master Trainer led Instructor Develop Course is upon materials provided by the Health & Safety Institute. It is designed to permit course participants to become eligible to register as Medic First Aid (MFA) Level 3 and American Safety & Health Institute (ASHI) Level 5 Instructors.

TWO PROGRAMS in First Aid, CPR & AED, Bloodborne Pathogens, Child/Infant CPR, Emergency Oxygen and Pediatric programs (a total of 14 courses).
As the course progresses, participants are provided with the information, knowledge, skills and techniques needed to design, implement and present Health, Safety & Environmental training programs in their workplaces. The Instructor Trainer provides insight into the development of contemporary and up to date training programs utilizing the traditional classroom, Facilitator Led delivery methods as well as innovative delivery platforms such as blended learning, distance learning and peer to peer methodology. the many varied educational technologies are also explored.

An integral component of any modern employee development program is an understanding of how each individual student accumulates and synthesizes the information presented into their job performance. We review the characteristics of each generation of workers present in today's workforce and how that impacts training and development activities. During this session, each class participant is given the opportunity to relate general information to their site-specific needs.
These courses are designed to form the base for a comprehensive educational program which can be tailored to highlight specific hazards or concerns to each individual workplace.

Health & Safety Institute courses are compliant with the International Liaison Commission on Resuscitation (ILCOR) Guidelines 2015 for Emergency Cardiac Care. As such, they are accepted by OCHA, other Federal, State, Localor Municipal regulators as well as a host of other bodies with oversight over Occupational required programs. 

At the conclusion of this course, candidates will be eligible to present classes and issue successful completion cards to their students/employees. Instructions on creating, operating and maintaining your Training Center are included.